In Response to an Outpouring of “I hate this community”

Dear VUP (very upset person(s)),

I see you are upset. No, I don’t need you to go on a tirade about what brought you to this point to see that. No, I don’t need to be all CAPS’d at to understand you are very clearly frustrated.

I’m sorry you feel that way. No, really, I am. You’ve let a few (usually just one) small things get in the way of enjoying your passion and your happiness. That amount of emotional infirmity is not something I’d want anyone to have in their life so I’m sorry, I really am.

But unfortunately, I’m the tough love kind of girl.

Most probably, if you’re a part of the gaming community, I love you. There’s really only a handful I don’t love, so that’s pretty incredible and you should understand that. But honestly, I’m disappointed in you.

I expected better from you.

I expected that instead of yelling about your hatred and CAPSing out every person that deigns to run across your opinions that you’d be a little more… you know… Respectful. You see, you hate this community because it’s full of rude people, or because people in it need to lighten up, or because there’s so much drama but.. I see you. Yep. You’re sitting over there being rude. Needing to lighten up. Causing oh so much drama.

Since it’s something you hate so much I just kind of assumed that you’d do everything in your power to make sure you don’t add to any of those already (according to you) plentiful things on your way out. I kinda just figured you’d make sure you didn’t push someone else over the edge and cause them to flip out and rage-quit the community with you.

So yeah, I’m disappointed. You’re being hypocritical and you need a reality check.

Anyone who doesn’t contribute to a solution, is someone that is no better than those who are contributing to the problem. Choosing to not fix the problem is just as bad as creating it. Adding to an already created problem is even worse, and makes zero sense.

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way I’ve got an idea. Instead of freaking out about this (I know you will, but it’s worth a shot) take a step back and see that a simple and positive solution does exist.

Quite simply, help turn this into a community you don’t hate by ceasing to contribute the things that make you hate it, and instead contributing things that you’d like to see more of. People are literally sheep, and if the response to whatever’s peed in your Cheerios is something along these lines, others will follow suit.

If this seems outlandish or like too much work for you, I assure you DON’T PANIC. There’s another, even easier solution!

You can leave. 🙂




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