Coming Soon: Writing Prompt Wednesday

Howdy there, interweb!

I know. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any type of editorial or update or anything that isn’t complete garbage (this post will only fill one of those requirements, unfortunately) but just wanted to do a quick update on something new I’ll be launching (hopefully) this week!

Obviously, I’m terrible at writing “on the regular”. It’s something I used to be good at but since I’ve made changes to the site I’ve been kicked in the shins by LIFE more than a few times and have been slacking. Writing is one of those things that is a particularly therapeutic activity for me so I’ll be glad to get back to it.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time or head-space as of currently to keep working on either of my novels. I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t one of those darn things like seven years in the making?” Yes, yes it is. No, it’s not remotely done. I have issues accepting anything less than what I believe to be perfect as finished. I also have quite long and regular bits to write in iambic pentameter for that novel, and that crap is hard. I only have so many brain cells. Doing that in a way that makes it seem like it COULD have been written by Shakespeare himself takes all of them. And then some.

Which, brings me to why I am starting Writing Prompt Wednesday. As some of my long time followers already know, I am a bit of a writing prompt aficionado. While I enjoy a good project and working on dedicated character development, there’s nothing quite like a silly EXPLOSION of creativity that was probably written in ten minutes. Sometimes, what comes out of these prompts is complete trash. And sometimes, you write a piece about a conversation between fruits in a fruit bowl and it becomes a bit of a cult classic. (If I ever find that original manuscript again, it will go up in a flashback Friday or something. It really was great.)

Due to the nature of writing prompts, not everything can be a gold mine. I am hoping to break the cycle of agonizing over perfection by writing here more often in general, and by doing at least one writing prompt a week and posting it here for the world to see. You’ll get to see a little more of how the world is in my brain (I’m sorry) and hopefully be delightfully amused, scared out of your mind, thoughtful, or anything-but-bored. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

There will be a dedicated section of the site where the prompts themselves (as well as my responses) will be permanently archived for you to read and enjoy from now until the inevitable fall of the internet. WARNING: There will be some form of legal jargon at the end of the prompts. You can feel free to ignore this. This is simply to protect myself a little bit in a world where jerks like to steal stuff.

I’d like to encourage you all to write along with me and post me links to your prompt responses or just the whole thing down there in the comments! I’d love to read them. You can find the prompt at the beginning of each post or if you follow me on Twitter I will post it there each Sunday (@bubble1615. Beware, my twitter is full of other crap you won’t care about, too.) Remember that I am a big fan of creative license, but when posting some form of critique or response to someone’s prompt (or mine, for that matter) remember to keep it productive and not rude. I’ll give you the ban hammer. I’ll do it.

I have some other posts (one of them a general editorial, one gaming related one, and one book related one) that I have laid out to try and get done this month, so look forward to that also!

Stay awesome.


P.S. Please give me writing prompts. Make them as weird as possible. Thanks, xoxo



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