Writing Prompt Wednesday: My Favorite Animated Characters Meet My Favorite Fictional Worlds

Inspired by someone on Twitter, this weeks writing prompt started out as Disney characters meet my favorite video game worlds and then just… WELL I got excited and went a little too far. Remember these are not meant to be taken as polished works as they are extremely rough drafts and just like… creative exercises. My writing is also protected by the LAWS OF THE INTERNET AND WORLD.  SO HERE WE GO!


Ariel Meets the Diablo Universe

Look at this stuff, isn’t it gross? Wouldn’t you say my collections morose? Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl… the girl who’s killed everything?

I’ve been beaten nephalem a-plenty, I’ve saved villages and also the world. Demon invasion? Don’t stress just come get me!

You may be scared, but I don’t care, I’ll kill Diablo~

Belle Meets the Harry Potter Universe

(Just imagine Belle and Hermione dancing around Hogwarts for this one)

Do our best, do our best, we’ll put our magic to the test! If we study in the library then we will ace the rest.

A good defense, would be hard pressed, without eye contact and expelliarmus!

Doesn’t matter what power your foes hold, don’t believe us? Ask the Dark Lord!

Mulan Meets the Minecraft Universe

(Be a MAN)

We want diamonds! We must venture to the deepest, dark caves.

We want diamonds! Kill all the monsters and take their loot.

We want diamonds! Bring enough torches to max our our bags and don’t dig straight down or we will all be screwed!

Bartok vs Sauron (LotR)


*Sauron rolls his eyes*

Monsters Inc Meets Skyrim

“Hmm… Do you think I need to sneak into that room over there?”

“Nonsense Sully, I’ve told you a thousand times already talk to the innkeeper and RENT, you gotta RENT it and you’ll be problem free!”

“I dunno, Mikey, wouldn’t it be more fun to sneak? Come on, let’s sneak.”

“Well, I’ll follow you but let me tell you right now it won’t work and you’ll look RIDICULOUS, sneak! You can’t sneak, you’re a great big blue hairy thing, even just walking down the road you scream “We don’t belong here” just by EXISTING and-”

“Mikey, this would be a lot easier if you had it in you to just shut up.”

“Oh, yeah, sure! Just blame it  on me, not the fact that you’re 12 feet tall and incapable of walking in a straight line without-”

“Whoa. Mikey, look! A whole stack of potions. Told you it’d be worth it. Oh, look this one’s purple it reminds me of-”

“Are you kidding me?! You can’t TOUCH those Sully, this is not what I signed up for, do you know what it TOOK for me to get this door? You-”

“Shh. You’ll get us both caught, just shut up and keep watch, I want to see what these do so I’ll just-”

“Sully, NO NO BAD DON’T, look, see, someone’s coming you’re gonna get us thrown out put it back-”

“Relax Mikey, it’s fine, see look how cute and tiny it is!”

“Put it BACK! I don’t care, I never should have hijacked the door just PUT. IT. BACK!”

“Oh, come on where is your sense of adventure?”

“Put it back or I’ll start singing, do it! I swear I will!”

“Aw, but look-”

“Puuuut thaaaaaaat-”

“Okay, okay, I’m putting it back. But look at this one!”


*scuffling ensues*

Buzz and Woody Meet the Overwatch Universe

“Move slowly and no one will suspect a thing.”

“Buzz, somehow I think a walking pinata is going to raise some suspicions.”

“Just… follow my lead.” A pinata slowly crawls it’s way towards the payload while the sounds of death surround it.

“Just a little bit… almost…” A mechanical whirring is heard as the payload lurches forward. PFFT PFFT PFFT PFFT PFFT PFFT PFFT PFFT. Bullets ricochet off the payload as Bastion fires all around it, hoping to catch the invisible perpetrator. The pinata rapidly retreats as the payload clicks to a halt. A victorious beep-boop is heard in the distance from Bastion.

“From the left side now, GO GO GO!” The pinata moves towards the payload and as it lurches forward Bastion’s shots are heard once more.

“What IS IT with that guy?!”

“He is very dedicated to his mission.” Buzz gives Woody a dark look, as Woody’s eyes light up.

“Buzz. Give me your arm.”

“Why do you-” Woody rips Buzz’s arm off and lets loose a battle cry as he tears out of the pinata, waving it wildly in an attempt to reflect the Bastion’s fire, Genji-style. PFFT. PFFT. PFFT. Bullets tear through Woody’s vest, knocking his hat off his head as he makes a mad rush for the payload. A furious and panicked beep-boop is heard as Woody falls face first onto the payload, un-moving. The whir of the payload bursting back to life is heard as Woody’s hat is carried off in the wind amongst the whooping of his teammates.

Rapunzel Meets the Walking Dead Universe

The distinct thonk of a frying pan hitting zombie skull is heard as Rapunzel tears her way though the horde.

Winnie the Pooh Meets the Assassin’s Creed Universe

(Little Black Rain Cloud)

I’m just a little assassin, hovering around the party scene.

I’m just a little assassin, you’ll pay no attention to me.

Everyone knows an assassin, there’ll be swift death nearby and not a trace.

and – oh. Oh bother, I’ve dropped my dagger again. Um, excuse me, I just need to, yep, that’s mine, sorry, oh bother, oh for Christopher Robin’s sake… *mumbling continues*


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